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Support E-Mail: dublinbusroute@gmail.com

Dublin Buster is designed for convenient access to information relevant to traveling on Dublin Bus(Ireland). You can find possible bus routes between two locations, locate bus stops near any location in Dublin city(Ireland), view bus routes on map and access time tables.

  • Has a local database of more than 160 bus routes in Dublin Ireland
  • Find your directions (possible bus routes) to connect between any two points in Dublin Ireland 
  • Locate bus stops close to any locations in Dublin city (Ireland)
  • View a bus route visually on map
  • Browse and search bus routes
  • Browse and search bus stops on a chosen bus route
  • Discover which buses stop at a particular bus stop
  • Provide walking direction to a bus stop from your current location using external map app
  • Search and bookmark locations
  • Save and manage found directions and locations
  • Access bus time tables easily
  • Access the app's help and some Dublin bus related information
Additional Paid Version Features:
  • Access an easy-to-use timetable
  • Provide in-app walking direction from your current location to a specified bus stop
  • Find the nearest bus stop of a selected bus route to your current location.
  • Quickly view a nearby bus stop on map to know its location by rotating to landscape orientation
What's New in 1.2.11 (July 2, 2010)
  • OS 4 support - fast switching
  • Fix bugs related to location search, photo search and wiki search under iOS4
  • Fix a bug that the shutdown of the app takes too long
  • Timetable update
What's New in 1.2.10
  • Rebuilt to minimum iPhone OS 3.0 requirements
What's New in 1.2.9
  • Fix a bug which cause the app crash when current location finding process is interrupted
  • Improve the performance when browsing Dublin Buster website
What's New in 1.2.8
  • More smoothly centering the map on user's current location in map view
  • Improve the appearance and usability of bus route list
  • All bus route list is now indexed, which enable you to find the bus routes of your choice fast
  • Improve the rotues view usability
  • Nearby search result has a map view showing the search center (Paid version)
  • Bus stop info view has a close-up map view showing the location of a bus stop (Paid version)
  • An info view for new timetable (Paid version)
  • Selecting a bookmarked location will first show the Dublin city view before zooming into the location
  • Add Bookmark view is visually improved
  • Improved bookmark managers
  • Improve the usability of directions view
What's New in 1.2.7
  • Add several bus routes
  • Update a few bus routes (Thanks to those who provided invaluable feedback)
  • Update several timetables.
  • Automatically center map on user's current location if GPS is turned on
  • Add the feature to find out the nearest bus stop along a bus route to user's current location (Paid Version)
  • Provide a more robust way to determine user's current location
  • Fix the flickering of screen when loading a timetable (Paid Version)
  • Rework how nearby bus stop search is done to make it more reliable and bug free
  • Add nearby bus stop search result persistence
  • Improve Usability
  • Bug fixes
What's New in 1.2.6
  • External web links can be opened in app. External app links will terminate the current app (such as e-mail or app store link) without further alert
  • Nearby bus stop search using current location doesn't require you to enable user location on the map view. When you get current location unavailable alert message, you can try again if you are sure that you should be able to get your current location.
  • Walking direction to a bus stop helps to verify a nearby bus stop within walking distance. It doesn't require you to turn on GPS on the map view anymore. Only Internet connectivity is required. Paid version has an extra in-app walking direction feature.
  • 37 and 37x timetable updates
  • Performance improvements
  • Usability improvements
What's New in 1.2.5(Paid)
  • Use Sunday's timetable for bank holidays
  • Performance improvements
  • Usability improvements
  • Bug fixes
What's New in 1.2.4(Paid)
  • Fix timetable crash under certain condition
  • Add Panoramio location-based photo search feature
  • Performance improvments
  • Bug fixes
What's New in 1.2.3
  • Add and manage favorite bus routes
  • Wikipedia geo-tagged article search (Paid)
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Usability improvements
  • Timetable update
  • Database update
What's New in 1.2.2(Paid)
  • Highlight the next bus schedule when a timetable is first opened
  • Enhance nearby search by providing a secondary view to see nearby bus stops on map relative to search centre
  • Fix Irish display problem in browser-based timetables
  • Change the default keyboard for bus route search to number & punctuation
What's New in 1.2.1 (Paid)
  • add an easy to use timetable
  • allow to switch between new timetable and web-based timetable
  • hide location search-bar when there is no Internet connection
  • bug-fixes
  • database update
  • timetable update
What's New in 1.2 (Free and paid):
  • Rebuild UI for ease of use. Main user interface has four views: Routes, Locations, Directions, and Info
  • Each views is fully independent of each other and its state is restored when selected. That means Routes view can have different map view from that of Locations view.
  • Direction search is 2 - 3 time faster with improved results
  • You have the options (bus route service level and distance limit) to control how direction search is done, which often produce different results.
  • Improve location search
    • you can manage your bookmarked locations and search history
    • location search will only shows results in Dublin area
  • Manage location bookmark and saved direction search result in Directions view
  • Info view will give you Dublin Bus related information and app help.
  • Use shades of color to indicate the frequency of a bus route (really helpful when you get a long list of bus routes)
  • Many minor user interface and feature improvements
  • Bug fixes
  • Database updates
What's New in 1.1.2 (Free and paid):
  • Add more than 90 new bus routes
  • Disable online database update
What's New in  1.1.1 (Free and paid):
  • Enable online database update
  • Database update
What's New in 1.1
  • Locate bus stops close to any locations in Dublin city (Ireland)
  • Find your directions (bus routes) to connect between any two points in Dublin Ireland
  • Search and bookmark locations
  • Save and manage found directions and locations
  • Add shake gesture to zoom out to see the whole bus route on map when browsing a bus route on map
  • Add shake gesture to zoom out to see Dublin city (Ireland) map view when searching and finding directions
  • GPS is off by default to save battery
  • Minor user interface usability improvement
  • Bug fixes
What's New in 1.0
  • Initial release