This is the main user interface. When you start the app for the first time, it will show a default bus route. 
  • Timetable is indexed by hour and you can jump around easily without scrolling frenzy if the bus schedule is long
  • Highlight the next bus schedule when a timetable is first loaded
  • Restore your last visited timetable when you start the app again
  • You have three places to control to find the schedule you want
    • Weekday, Saturday, Sunday at the bottom toolbar
    • The hour index on the right side
    • "From" button on the top left. More about this later.
  • "Buses" button allows you to select a bus route
  • "i" button provides access to Dublin Buster website.
If route variation detail is cut off, you can tap on it for the full detail.
 There are two types of timetables
  • The bus schedules from the first stop of a bus route (most of the timetables)
  • There are a few numbers of Dublin Bus timetables which actually give the bus schedule along a bus route or bus schedule variations from a bus route's first stop
From button will give you a list of those bus stops so that you can select to view their schedules.
The favorite bus route list give quick access to your frequent used bus routes.

All bus routes are indexed by bus number. You can easily jump to a section of your choice. Find your bus route by either scrolling up and down or searching by bus number / destination address
The view to select "From" stops. Sometimes the stop description includes route variations and can become really long. Tap the disclosure button on the right to view the full details.
 You can use "i" button at the top right to show you the info screen: the app's version, today's date, way to control timetable animation and access to Dublin Buster website. Dublin Buster Website provides the app's help and Dublin Bus news. Internet is required for this feature.