Explorer for SmugMug


Browse, search, view, upload and manage SmugMug photos and videos 


- Upload photos and videos to an existing or new gallery 
- Edit/delete an existing gallery 
- Remove photos from an existing gallery 
- Edit an existing photo's meta info 
- View galleries of your friends, family and fans 
- Manage your friends and family 
- View all-time popular photos 
- View today's popular photos 
- View popular photos in a SmugMug category 
- Search photos by keywords 
- View public geo-tagged photos 
- View the galleries of a public photo 
- Add a SmugMug user as friend or family 
- View/make comment of a photo 
- View a photo's meta info 
- View a photo's location on map if geo-location is available 
- Photo slideshow 
- Photo/video download 
- Share a photo or an album via Google+, email, Twitter, Facebook, and Sina Weibo (iOS 6.x or greater) 

The app is not developed by SmugMug