Friends Albums

Universal app (iPhone/ iPod Touch / iPad)

Free Universal app
  • with ad (no album photo download)

The app gives you fun to browse, view and comment your Facebook friends' photo albums. 

  • Show your friends in large profile pictures, if available, so that you can easily recognize them. 
  • Search friends by name 
  • Manage your favorite friend list 
  • Take advantage of Facebook friend list to group your friend so that you can find them quickly 
  • Load a friend's album list / reload a friend's album list to the latest 
  • Download a friend's album photos for more enjoyable viewing or/and offline access 
  • For each alum, you can view comments or make your own 
  • View a photo in full screen. Swipe left or right to see next or previous photo. View or make comment of a photo. 
  • Support multiple Facebook accounts. If you want to view photos off-line, don't logout before you terminate the app. Internet connection is required to login. 

iPad Specific Features
  • View transition animations make it a breeze to navigate between your friends, a friend's albums, and photos in an album. 
  • A friend's albums are listed in one page, which you can scroll vertically to see more albums. 
  • For each album, you scroll horizontally to see more photos in the album. 
  • If an album has more than 10 photos, you have the option to see all thumbnail in full screen. 
  • Pinch-in to close a view (album list view, album thumbnail view or full screen photo view) 
  • Double tap in full screen photo view to make a comment 

  • Facebook authorization token (not the username and password) is stored locally on your device, which is accessed to authenticate your identity to Facebook only when you use the app to access Facebook photos
  • Depending on the privacy setting of your friends, the app may not be able to retrieve photo albums from some of your friends
Thanks to my Facebook photographer friend Thomas Kaczmarczyk for his Facebook photo albums in the screenshots.
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