iExplorer for ipernity

Browse public photos/videos and upload & manage your own photos/videos. 

- Browse ipernity home page photos/videos 
- Browse explore popular photos/videos 
- Browse explore recent photos/videos 
- Browse explore groups 
- Search groups 
- Search docs 
- Fave photos / albums 
- Join group or add a user as contacts through web page 
- Authorised Account 
* Browse and manage your own photos/videos 
** Delete uploaded photos/videos 
** Edit your photos’ permission 
** Edit your photos’ meta (title and description) 
** Add/Remove tags of your own photos 
* View and manage your own albums 
** Add new albums and edit an exiting album 
** Add/remove photos to/from an album 
* Search your own photos/videos 
* Upload photos/videos 
* Browse favourite photos/videos 
* Browse favourite albums 
* View your contacts and their photos/videos 
* View and manage your group’s photos/videos 
** Add/remove photos to and from a group 
** Browse your own tags/popular tags 
- View a photo’s tags and their related photos 
- View a photo’s comments and make your own comments. Reply a comment 
- Download photo images 
- Slideshow photos 
- Browse a photo owner’s photos/videos 
- View a photo’s or an album’s favourites and visitors 
- View a photo’s detailed info 
- View a group’s detailed info