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The app allows you to view Panoramio photos by photographers. It aims to help you to discover and manage your favorite list of Panoramio photographers. It provides two lists of best Panoramio photographers (photographers with most-viewed photos and Panoramio monthly photo contest winners). Furthermore, you can add any Panoramio photographers to the favorite list. The app can also help you to keep track of their works easily. The app works perfectly offline once photos are cached locally.

Panoramio recently has increased its world-wide popular photographer list (more than 2,000 photographers, used to be slightly more than 300). The app may need to limit the number in the future. So be patient when you load the app for the first time or do a reloading afterwards. 


- Provides a list of more than 2,000 photographers, whose photo(s) are most viewed around the world. Reload to update to the lastest list.
- Provide a list of more than 600 photographers, who won in the monthly Panoramio photo contests in the past three years.
- Add photographers from the previous two lists into your favorite list
- Manually add a photographer to your favorite list by using Panoramio ID number.
- The three photographer list views are restored to your last-viewed location whenever used.
- View a photographer's photos in thumbnail grid
- View a photographer's photos by popularity or date
- Add a photo to / remove(iPad only) a photo from  the favorite photo list
- Reload a photographer's photo list
- View a photographer's photos in full screen
- Access a full-screen photo's map location (dual map views)
- Save a full-screen photo to your photo library
- Access a photographer's Panoramio web page
- Access a full screen photo's Panoramio web page
- Email a full screen photo's link
- Download a photograph's photos for off-line access: thumbnails and medium size (iPhone) /iPad optimized original. Download can be interrupted at any time and resumed later. 
- Clear disk cache. This will clear the downloaded photos as well.

iPad Specific Features

- Photographer's view:
   ** double tap on a photo in popularity/winner list to add a photographer to / delete a photographer from the favorite list
  ** double tap on a photo in favorite to remove a photographer from the favorite list
   ** single tap on a photographer's photo to open his/her photos in thumbnail view

- Thumbnail view
  ** single tap on a photo to open it in full screen photo view
  ** double tap on a photo to add a photo to / remove a photo from the favorite list
  ** long-pressed to bring out action menu (all photos' locations in map view, reload a photographer's photo list, download a photographer's photos)
  ** Pinch-in to close the view
  ** triple taps on anywhere to close the view (useful when you are holding a iPad with both hands or you just don't have an extra finger avalaible)

- Full screen photo view
  ** single tap to hide / show bars and text
  ** double tap to show a photo's map location
  ** long press to bring out the action menu
  ** swipe left /right to see next / previous photo
  ** Pinch-in to close a view 
  ** triple tap to close the view (useful when you are holding a iPad with both hands or you just don't have an extra finger avalaible)

- Available view gestures and view transition animations make it a breeze to navigate between views.

 Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners
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