Screenshots & Help

## Photos provided by Panoramio are under the copyright of their owners

Click / Tap on a screenshot to see the original image

Tap the "Fiind" button to find Panoramio photo for a visible map region

In the photo list view on the left:
  • Tap on a photo to view it full screen
  • Tap a row to view its location on the map
  • Tap the disclosure button on the right to view a photographer's photos
  • The bottom bar of the photo list shows the number of photos found
  • At the bottom bar, there can be a left / right arrow(s) if there are more photos are available. You can use these arrows to go to previous / next page of photos
  • Location search box at the top right allows you to search a location by name

The "i" button at bottom right of the map view will give you an idea of where the location of the current map view is

Photo Map Search and Author Search History

More than 800 cool places from Panoramio website

View a photo in full screen 
  • Single tap on the photo to hide / show bars and text
  • Swipe left / right to see next or previous photo, which hide the bars / text automatically

Slideshow timing options

Add photo bookmark and Save to photo library

The location of a full screen photo using two map views

Email a photo link

Post a photo link to Facebook

Twitter integration. The username or e-mail's first letter is always capital initially. Make sure that you turn that off.

Thumbnail grid view
  • Single tap a photo to view it full screen
  • Swipe up and down to scroll the thumbnail grid view

Geo-tagged Wikipedia articles

Use the Printer version to make Wikipedia articles more readable

Setting for full screen photo size, switch for Wikipedia article search and clearing disk cache