Picasa Photo Albums

Viewer & Manager

Lite version - viewer only with ad

The app allows you to view/manage your own Picasa web albums and explore featured/community photos. 


- Multiple account support 
- View your Picasa web albums 
- View your favorite accounts' shared web albums 
- View Picasa featured photos 
- Search and view public community photos 
- Share a photo via email & Facebook 
- Add any photo owners' accounts (Featured & Community photos) to view their public albums. 
- View comments of a photo / add comments to a photo 
+ Create a new album and delete an existing album 
+ Batch upload photos to an album 
++ rotate a photo's orientation 
++ add photo captions 
++ upload can be interrupted at any time and resumed later 
+ Update existing photos' captions 
+ Remove photos from an album 
+ Edit an album's properties (titile and access) 
+ Manage photo tags 
+ Share a public album by email. 


- You need an authorized (username & password) account to manage your photo albums. Otherwise, you can only view public albums.